REVIT models

Here are a couple of images based on REVIT models I built for private clients

BIM (Building Information Models) have become a big part of my work in the professional sense. They are true forms in the computer as the design should be built in reality.

BIM consists of both the form and data needed to create the project. Smart building allows for the team to add great value to the project in the planning stages, consturuction stage and the living time-life of the building. Having true spatial documentation of the building allows one to experience the design and the technical aspect of the systems that need to work so the building functions.
the accuracy of work is most important so that onsite disasters are avoided because of lack of managements of the consultants working together.

My position in many projects is to show the best way to build components of the model and to also guide the prjects manager of any lack of coordination there may be when looking at the 3D aspects of services. This helps all the team cope with problems earlier than usual.

BIM allows all to gain in the project and these images allow one to see them in the virtual formand approve. So the idea is what you see is what you get.